Refund Policy

Before you decide to subscribe to our services, we strongly urge you to take our 2-day No Obligation Free Trial.The Free Trial is an evaluation version developed specifically so that prospective subscribers can firsthand understand, evaluate and judge the suitability of our services to their needs.

While we remain extremely confident of the quality of our services, we would like you to subscribe to our services only after you have taken the Free Trial. 

That you take our 2-day No Obligation Free Trial is extremely important because we strictly follow a NO REFUND POLICY without any exception or limitation. In other words, once the subscription fee is paid, we do not, under any circumstances, fully or partly refund the subscription fee. 

To help you make an informed decision, we strongly recommend you 
1.    Read all information about our products, services and support that we offer
2.    Read our Terms of Use
3.    Read our Privacy Policy
4.    Read our Refund & Cancellation Policy
5.    Take and evaluate the quality of our service by taking our 2-day No Obligation Free Trial.

Additionally, since we consider all sales as final and irrevocable, it is in your interest that you do not permit any unauthorized individual, family member, friend, associate or anyone else to deal with us and/or make payment to us on your behalf. 

Your payment received towards our subscription and/or other services is treated as your having read, acknowledged, understood and accepted our Terms, Privacy Policy and No Refund Policy.