Privacy Policy

Investment Point as an organization and as a website (commonly referred to hereafter as “Investment Point”), are committed to protecting the right to privacy of all clients and non-clients. We also respect your right to private communication. The information that you provide will reside on Investment Point’s own servers or third-party servers legally contracted by Investment Point. Databases containing all your information are secured behind firewalls and are password protection. However, since no security system is completely impenetrable, we cannot guarantee the security of our database and/or your information.

We however promise that your information, whether private or public, will not be shared with anybody else. We will not sell, rent, share, exchange or transfer your information to anyone else. However, we reserve the right to share your information with legal authorities or their agents if required by law, or with third-party agencies as contracted by us to improve the services that we provide to you.

The only use we will be bringing to your information will be to provide you the services for which you have subscribed to us. However, it may also be used to share with you information on our surveys, contests, any additional services we may be introducing, sending newsletters and anything else which we believe will improve your interaction with Investment Point and add value to our relationship.

We may collect information about our clients in order to help us continually monitor, evaluate and upgrade our services to you and to improve your experience on Investment Point. This information may include, among other
    Your name
    Your email address
    Your postal address
    Your age
    Your demographic information (age, gender etc)

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy to accommodate necessary future changes. Notwithstanding changes that come up in Privacy Policy, all information will be subjected to the policies under which the information was originally collected.

This policy only relates to Investment Point and not to your use of internet outside of Investment Point either by your clicking on links that lead you to third-party sites or sites that you independently browse and interact with.

Your information given to us represents your identity with us. If any changes are brought in any of the fields of which you have provided us the information, you shall bring it to our notice by either calling us or dropping a mail to us.

By subscribing to our services, you acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to the Privacy Policy stated here.