We provide investment idea in Cash segment with high accuracy to Investors in stocks with the technical and deep analysis of the stock market trend also we provide you the investment idea that are planned and figured out specially as per your need and investment also.

we would provide the past performance statement to you as on your request in order to ensure that you take maximum benefit out of it, This Service provide on What's app through SMS only...!!

Our Features :-

After some training / tuition we provide Equity Research idea with proper information of the Market trend on Investment Basis to small & medium Cap Investors and Short term traders also who can have 1- 2 Open Delivery base positions in stocks at a time in Market.


  • Clear enter level, Target level and Stop loss level will be mentioned in SMS.
  • Exit / Book Profit message will be given if required to you.
  • Telephonic Support and Proper follow-ups in Market Timings only.
  • Pre-Market Outlook range as required & request by you on SMS.
  • Proper follow-ups and News & Market information.
  • Interested traders / investors to join this Silver Package please Call personally on +91 99 793 80808
  • ( please refer & agree our Disclaimer / policy on website before your act to join )

Derivatives Trading are very volatile trading category of the Indian stock market. No one know and decide where the price level will go & touch in intraday & Position basis. in this Golden package we try to provide you…our Trading idea regarding current entry levels, target levels and also exit & book profit levels in the Nifty future, Bank Nifty future & Stock specific future trades with planned best strategies that help to achieve their each targets and make profits with specialize in determining calls In the market trading season include trend details. 

Our entry & exit level’s idea to be support our traders to make huge profits and minimize the risk in Derivatives trade on basis of our 18 years experience & information of the stock specific and actual Market Trend.

Our Features :-

  • Pre-Market Outlook.
  • Intraday Nifty Derivatives Trading range by SMS.
  • During Market Trading hours…1 or 2 Intraday trading in Nifty / Bank Nifty / stock specific derivatives trading calls.
  • During Market Trading hours…2 derivatives Positional trading calls with open positions and advice accordingly.
  • Proper follow-ups and trend information by shree NB sir 
  • Interested traders / investors to join this Golden Package please Call personally on +91 99 793 80808 
  • ( please refer & agree our Disclaimer / policy on website before your act to join )

This Package design for HNI & High Volume Traders as our premium service. In this Platinum Category, we would provide you our best trading idea in Nifty Future, Bank Nifty future and Option premium Market specially… that would have bigger targets  in comparison to the other service packages of ours…!!! 

In this trading tips are also meant for the HNI & the High Volume Derivative traders who are ready to have the patience to wait in order to achieve the big and set the our targets as market trend. In this also we have the least risky and highly accurate in Stock specific & Nifty, Bank Nifty  Future & Option Premium Trading Ideas that are offered to our premium traders. 

We have put our full devotion in order to find a maximum Premium  profit from each Trading calls which would suit best to your needs. This efficient guidance would help you become a successful trader and churn huge profits that you actually did not hope for. Once you get to start working & trading on the same with us in Platinum Category trading Ideas, you would reliase that our trading idea are specially customized for you…

Our Features : 

  • Interested HNI traders to join this Platinum Package please Call personally on +91 99 793 80808 
  • ( please refer & agree our Disclaimer / policy on website before your act to join )
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