News Letter Package

Investment Point, India's most reliable an ISO 9001:2008 certified consultancy firm provides you daily News Letter In depth research-based focus with comprehensive fundamental & technical analysis, accurate stock recommendations and returns-oriented idea for short-term equity & Future  market trading in Gujarati & English version on your email / What's app and helping you to book profits with minimum charge of since 1998.

This Newsletter is designed for the part time trader or not so active full time trader that is looking for short term trades lasting 3 to 7 days roundtrip duration. 

The daily Newsletter service for Indian Stocks and Indices will enable you to capture brief price swings in fast moving trending stocks  for a quick profit.

The Newsletter will...

Precisely identify buy & sell entry levels in stocks after a pullback or correction in fast moving trend.

Let you know the exact risk for each trade before you enter the trade.

Inform you how to book & put the limit in early profits.

Provide you with exit targets also to catch the maximum move out of a trend using with a stoploss.

We provide the news on the latest buzz on tech, infrastructure, auto, cement, pharma, steel, banks. finance and much these also includes a brief round-up of market indices.

Interested traders / readers / investors to get this News Letter please Call personally on +91 99 793 80808


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